Wavefront’s Wireless Zone Brings Hardware Devices to the Canadian Startup Community

WavefrontVancouver B.C.’s Wavefront, announced an expansion/re-launch of its 6 Canadian accelerator facilities. Device libraries have expanded to carry over 1000 devices (including smartphones, tablets, sensors, wearables). The addition of the latter two help augment the commercialization of apps being developed for the IoT.


Through exclusive industry partner agreements, Wavefront is able to provide a range of hardware devices and SIM services that help developers, UI/UX designers and QA personnel test their mobile applications across a variety of operating systems and environments, with minimal rental and data costs. Wavefront has partnered with Centennial College, Communitech, Invest Ottawa, CEIM and Volta to deliver this essential service through hosting Wireless Zones in their facilities.

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Dec, 12, 2016