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WIMTACH Student Profile: Juliana Ali

The transition from school to the working world can be challenging. However, Juliana Ali is another example of hard-working and dedicated students reaching their goals. Juliana is one of our newest WIMTACH alumni to move on to a job in their field of study. She is a Centennial College graduate who studied in the International […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Nathalia Maia

Project Management plays a significant role in the management of any project’s life cycle and its successful completion. WIMTACH takes on many different projects with different collaborators in the technology and health sectors which require a knowledgeable and leadership-orientated Project Manager. Centennial College graduate Nathalia Maia is one of WIMTACH’s project management interns that kept […] Read more

Treasured Inc: Bringing History to the Digital Space

Preserving history is an essential task as it keeps moments of the past alive and influences society for the future. It is key to know where society comes from and learn about past events ones’ ancestors have experienced. Museums are the essential location for individuals to experience history in one place, and Treasured Inc. brings […] Read more


Gravvity: The Integration of Orbbit

Social Media is the current leading force in the world of technology, as it connects individuals worldwide with ease, but it’s no secret that it has come to affect one’s mental health. The constant bombardment of advertisements, spam, and validation from others can negatively affect individuals in their everyday lives. Gravvity, a new Canadian technology […] Read more


Clinical Research Innovation: The dicentra Collaboration

Clinical research is a significant step during product development for the life-science and food industries. It is vital to biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical devices as they are the primary way to test new interventions, determine efficacy and safety, and obtain regulatory approvals from regulatory agencies.  dicentra, a Toronto-based Contract Research Organization, is one of the […] Read more


WIMTACH Student Profile: Mark Jeff Alfeche

Mark Jeff Alfeche is another example of a student joining WIMTACH and excelling in the projects they take part in. Mark is a Centennial College student in the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Sciences. He studied in the Electronics Engineering Technician program and worked with WIMTACH for five months. When he’s not hard at […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Eduardo Santana

Eduardo Santana is the newest success story to come out of WIMTACH, having spent a year and four months with the WIMTACH and taking part in the development of two projects. Eduardo was a Software Engineering Technology student in the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science at Centennial College. He started working for WIMTACH […] Read more

WIMTACH Hackathons Provide Valuable Industry Experience for Centennial College Students and Innovative Ideas for Industry Partners.

Hackathons are one of the key ways WIMTACH provides students with experiential learning opportunities. These hackathons are also a way to offer innovative technological solutions for clients and industry partners. Many of the students who have participated in WIMTACH hackathons are now members of the WIMTACH team. This happened recently with a virtual hackathon with […] Read more

Adjusting to Angular: The Xello Collaboration

WIMTACH works closely with student researchers to provide them with experiential learning opportunities to put toward their future careers. With each WIMTACH collaboration, Centennial College students get a chance to apply the knowledge they have gained in their programs to a real-life project. They are also able to develop new abilities to enhance their skillset […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Maanas Arora

Structure, communication and collaboration are critical elements for any successful research project. Students working at WIMTACH have the opportunity to develop these skills while gaining experiential learning by working closely with clients and industry partners. Maanas Arora is one such student. Maanas was working at WIMTACH while studying at Centennial College in the Software Engineering […] Read more