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Centennial College students bring innovation to the medical industry

WIMTACH is committed to giving students invaluable knowledge and experiences beyond the classroom with hackathons. In July, WIMTACH hosted its third hackathon of the year. Over two days, 31 students were tasked with two challenges presented by Dr. Jon Hummel, interim Chief Surgeon of the Scarborough Health Network in collaboration with Intellijoint and OrthoBiomed, an […] Read more

Jul, 10, 2019



Centennial students design mobile app for vulnerable people in emergencies

For 24 Centennial College students, their classroom experience took them to a WIMTACH hackathon. For two days – May 30th and 31st – four groups of six students each from Software Engineering programs gathered in the College’s auditorium to take on an innovative, hackathon challenge presented by WIMTACH and one of its industry clients, Interdev, […] Read more

Jun, 11, 2019



Mobile App Clinics: Closing the App Gap

By: Russul Sahib When choosing mobile apps for your device, there are certain features you look for to meet your needs. The same concept applies for companies and business owners who are looking to implement the most effective mobile technologies for their work. This is exactly the type of work Centennial College’s Wearable Interactive Mobile […] Read more

Students bring a story to life at WIMTACH’s latest hackathon

By: Linda Vachon 28 students of Centennial College’s Interactive Gaming program raced against time to bring a coffee table book to life as part of a hackathon held at Progress Campus on February 25, 2019.   The hackathon was organized by WIMTACH, (Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technology Access Centre in Health) which partners with companies […] Read more

WIMTACH goes to College Day

Ontario’s economy grows when college graduates can transform the future. Alongside colleges across Ontario, Centennial College participated in the annual College Day at Queen’s Park on April 1, 2019 to demonstrate how the college experience can contribute greatly to Ontario’s economy. As one of Canada’s top colleges for research, innovation and entrepreneurship, Centennial exhibited its […] Read more

Former Centennial College student returns to partner with WIMTACH

A former Centennial student has returned to College to bring his project to life. Jacob Moshinsky, CEO and founder of Monkey Jabber, has returned to Centennial College to collaborate with WIMTACH to enhance his product, NutureWatch. He graduated from Centennial College in 1999 with an International Business Diploma. Today marks his first return to the […] Read more


According to the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, studies indicate that one-half of Canadians do not take their prescription medications as prescribed, and drug “noncompliance” is the cause of 10 per cent of all hospital admissions, 25 per cent of those pertaining to the elderly and 23 per cent of all nursing home admissions. In […] Read more

Virtual Reality Demo By Smokebomb

SmokeBomb Entertainment, a WIMTACH industry partner is developing a new Virtual Reality game named “SLASHER”. On July 19th 2016, SmokeBomb conducted a demo for the game at WIMTACH. Centennial students were invited to test out the new game using the HTC Vive VR headset. The students had a first-hand experience of the immersive-ness of VR […] Read more

Hackathon creates new software in just 36 hours

Six teams of Centennial College Software Engineering Technology students toiled for 36 hours to create new software applications as part of the college’s latest “hackathon” held on July 7 and 8 at the Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technology Access Centre (WIMTACH) at Progress Campus. The participants were tasked with creating three distinct software apps in […] Read more

SEO Tools workshop at WIMTACH

WIMTACH held a Search Engine Optimization Workshop on 4 May 2016. The workshop was led by Bassem Ghali of Green Lotus and was attended by business owners, marketing specialists and SEO enthusiasts alike. The workshop gave the attendees insights into how to audit their websites, choosing most effective keywords and building links.