Design 101 – Feb.1, 2019

by Pouria Tavakkoli Avval, Research Associate, WIMTACH

Are you an #entrepreneur? Own a small business? Have a #startup business?

About this Event

Struggling to convert your design idea into a reality?

Don’t throw it away!

Join #WIMTACH on Feb. 1, 2019 where you will use your design idea to learn how to move from the ideation stage to the prototyping stage.

The training session will include an overview of:

1. The Design Process

2. Modeling Software Features

3. Finite Element Analysis Software Features

4. 3D Printing Technologies for Rapid Prototyping

Entrepreneurs: don’t sit on your ideas!

#Startups: don’t let your ideas go to waste! Join this workshop to make sure of it.

Register at:

Jan, 30, 2019