Meet Student Researcher: Yashkumar Rathod

Throughout his internship with WIMTACH, Yashkumar Rathod established himself as an student engineer with extensive expertise in research and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Attending the Industrial Engineering program at Centennial College, his remarkable talent and proficiency in CAD caught the attention of his professor, who advised him to apply for a Student Researcher role at WIMTACH. Now, a Student Researcher, Yashkumar has had the opportunity to expand his knowledge of CAD software and develop a wide range of industry skills that will empower him to follow his entrepreneurial ambitions. “I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first joined WIMTACH, but I knew that the experience would be a game changer,” he said.

As his internship began, Yashkumar was assigned to work on a project for an industry partner involving the automation of a pharmaceutical production line with other Student Researchers. This project provided him with valuable hands-on experience. He recalls an issue he faced during the project when a gearbox in the production line began to leak. “The gearbox was extremely heavy, so before doing anything, we had to use a system of pulleys to lift it,” he said. To solve the leakage issue, he collaborated with the team responsible for designing the gearbox to determine the cause of the leakage and find a solution. By working together, they identified the problem and prevented further leakage, allowing the gearbox to be put back into the production line. “It was a truly unique experience to be able to work hands-on like this, and I believe that no other employer except WIMTACH could have given me such an opportunity,” he said.

Having proved his skills with his work for this project, he was assigned to join a new project for the Fabric-Based Research, Innovation and Technology Development program for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
(FIBRE) in Sports and Healthcare Industries . His primary goal was to find the optimal solution for connecting an external cable to an e-textile using a new form of connector. “Similar projects have been already attempted in the past, but never on such a small scale and with such precision,” he said, adding, “It’s one thing to integrate a wire into a motherboard via soldering, it’s another thing to attach a wire to a piece of textile.” To overcome this challenge, Yashkumar and his team designed and 3D-printed a new casing to house the connector that met all the project requirements. Throughout the design process, Yashkumar honed his CAD software skills and gained experience tackling real-world problems with SolidWorks.

While working on the FIBRE project, Yashkumar found himself as the sole Mechanical Student Researcher, which provided him with an exceptional opportunity to grow and refine his teamwork skills. Moreover, as he had to manage his WIMTACH duties, college assignments, and household chores, his time management abilities began to flourish. He gained valuable soft skills during his internship at WIMTACH and he is being prepared for the challenges he may face after graduation.

With the prospect of graduation on the horizon, Yashkumar is already exploring potential job opportunities that align with his qualifications. His current goal is to secure a role as a Mechanical Designer. Through his research, he has discovered that the most common requirements for this position include proficiency in SolidWorks, experience in research, strong time management skills, and relevant work experience. “Fortunately, I have been able to develop all of these skills with the help of WIMTACH,” he said. Yashkumar plans to continue expanding his knowledge in automation and new technologies, with the ultimate goal of venturing into entrepreneurship. He aspires to establish a consulting firm to assist small businesses globally.

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