WIMTACH is organizing a series of Hackathons in the new year with the first one happening in the First week of February 2019. A Hackathon is a two day event during which Centennial students and partner companies work together to brainstorm solutions for business problems. For example, your company has a great idea to build a mobile app but you want to do some conceptual research and design before committing fully to develop it. In a Hackathon, you could work with a team of mobile development students and actually prototype the app. Four to six companies participate in each Hackathon who are then teamed up with students from various schools at Centennial College. Some of the key highlights of Hackathons are: 


  • Rapid ideation and prototyping within 36 hours.
  • Students with very diverse skills and experience, ranging from engineering technologies to business and marketing.
  • You own any resulting intellectual property, design documents and prototypes.
  • Post Hackathon opportunities for research projects and funding.

Jan, 30, 2019