Mobile App Clinics: Closing the App Gap

By: Russul Sahib

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

When choosing mobile apps for your device, there are certain features you look for to meet your needs. The same concept applies for companies and business owners who are looking to implement the most effective mobile technologies for their work. This is exactly the type of work Centennial College’s Wearable Interactive Mobile Technology Access Centres in Health (WIMTACH) is here to help the health-care and technology industry with.

Centennial College’s WIMTACH is a company that focuses on providing health-care and technology-based companies with the research, tools, and prototyping they require to move from the initial stages of their project to the commercialization stage. WIMTACH is dedicated to helping these companies find the most suitable mobile apps, or interactive platforms for their brand, through the implementation of their mobile app clinics.

Mobile app clinics are a collaboration between WIMTACH and their clients, as well as Centennial students in figuring out which mobile technologies and practices work best for each company, as well as making companies aware of the variety of tools available to them. One area of expertise that WIMTACH can helps clients with is deciding whether their best option would be to implement more mobile apps or responsive web designs; which refers to creating websites that create an effective viewer experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

By participating in WIMTACH’s mobile app clinic, clients are given the opportunity to examine and problem-solve with keen Centennial students on the possible successes and limitations of each option presented. With the perspectives and innovation strategies presented between WIMTACH, students, and clients, companies are able to receive different points of view and considerations, which can help them find the most effective solution for them.

With WIMTACH’s technical expertise, clients can better understand how their current challenge could be transformed into a larger one. Most importantly, mobile app clinics offer a collaboration between clients and students that not only provides clients with the best solution for their needs, but also gives Centennial students the chance to apply acquired knowledge to real-world situations.

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May, 02, 2019