Design 101


Design 101 workshops can help convert your designs into products.

Concept design of a data system for a hospital.

Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technologies Access Centre in Health (WIMTACH)

What is Design 101?

Design 101 is an event hosted by WIMTACH. Research Associate and mechanical engineering expert Dr. Pouria Tavakkoli Avval leads them. It is open to companies and Centennial College students and clients to attend. The purpose of the event is for attendees to learn how to convert their mechanical designs from ideas to actualized products. Design 101 events, like WIMTACH hackathons and mobile app clinics, provide a space for everyone to ask questions, gain advice and find solutions to problems.

What can Design 101 workshops offer you?

  • Your idea(s) can serve as the bridge to starting a larger project with WIMTACH
  • Access to expertise, knowledge and advice free of charge
  • A chance to scope your project with the help of an expert, free of charge
  • Knowledge of the design process
  • Modelling software features
  • Knowledge of 3D printing technologies
  • Prototyping

What are some examples of challenge discussed during Design 101 so far?

  • How to commercialize a prototype
  • How small and medium-sized businesses/enterprises can fast-track the design process
  • Determining what stage an idea is in
  • Unsure what to do, but sure of what is needed

How can I participate in the next Design 101 workshop?


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