WIMTACH Student Profile: Nidhiben Paghadar

Nidhiben Paghadar joined WIMTACH to broaden her knowledge and experience in software engineering. Having enrolled in the Software Engineering Technology program at Centennial College, Nidhiben understood that gaining Canadian work experience was vital to her career. When she applied for the position of Student Researcher with WIMTACH, she recognized that the knowledge and experience she would acquire during the internship would be an invaluable addition to her academic studies. “Looking back now, I am extremely grateful that WIMTACH offered me this opportunity,” she said.

Nidhiben was assigned to WIMTACH’s student Back-end development team on a project collaboration with WIMTACH’s aindustry partner, Xello. The project centred around creating an efficient Content Management System (CMS). While working on the Back-end architecture, Nidhiben utilized .net Core. Despite being relatively new to the software, WIMTACH provided her with all the resources to succeed. “It was a great opportunity to learn and grow professionally,” she said.

Nidhiben’s prior experience in Software Engineering earned her a student team leader role on her project, which she accepted with pleasure. “Assisting Student Researchers and working together was a great experience,” she said. This unique opportunity allowed her to gain experience in Project Management, a role interns don’t often have the chance to undertake. Through close collaboration with the Principal Investigator (PI) and other Student Researchers, Nidhiben learned how to offer valuable guidance and manage specialists.

Throughout her time at WIMTACH, Nidhiben undertook various assignments that tested her abilities as a software engineer. One such challenging task was integrating a data storage system called GetStream, into the main Application Programming Interface while developing the CMS. However, numerous issues hindered the integration, creating a significant obstacle for the team. After discussing the problem with the PI, Nidhiben and her team devised a solution for the integration. “This was one of the most challenging tasks I have faced, and it felt amazing when we managed to finish the integration,” she said.

Nidhiben gained numerous industry-specific skills at WIMTACH but also had the opportunity to develop various transferable skills. At the start of her internship with WIMTACH, she was introduced to the Agile Methodology and the Scrum Framework, which were completely new to her. “I had never worked in Scrums before, and when I learned all the details, I understood why everyone does it,” she said.

As graduation quickly approaches, Nidhiben is preparing to start her new job at Xello Inc. as a Junior Backend Developer. Within the next five years, she seeks to strategize the development process while collaborating with high-level professionals to enable efficient development processes. Furthermore, Nidhiben intends to continue working on challenging projects that will allow her to grow and learn beyond academics.

Nidhiben highly recommends WIMTACH noting that it can give students a significant competitive edge when job searching after graduation. “WIMTACH offered me a wide array of opportunities every day, and there is no reason to miss out on that,” she said.

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