WIMTACH Student Profile: Rithesh D’Cruz

Working with new industry technology and meeting with large-scale clients is one element in which students at WIMTACH gain experiential learning. Students have the opportunity to work on projects for high-profile clients across the GTA to hone their skills for their future careers, and Rithesh D’Cruz did just that.

Rithesh D’Cruz has been working at WIMTACH for nearly two years after completing his Software Engineering and Technology program at Centennial College. “I was helping other students with issues in the database lab conducted by Professor Blessing, who asked me if I could join for a paid opportunity under WIMTACH, I immediately said yes,” he shared. Rithesh went on to work on three projects at WIMTACH that each dealt with building full-stack web applications. When he’s not completing a task, Rithesh engages in multiple hobbies in his spare time, including growing sprouts, reading books, gaming, and learning algorithms and data structures to further his knowledge in technology.

The first project he worked on at WIMTACH was to create an Android application for image-processing, which used technologies such as Java & Android. His second project was configuring an x-ray machine simulator that would send data to the Google Healthcare API, which utilized Spring Hibernate and JPA. Lastly, his most recent project involved working on an electronic health record system that handles the medical records of over 1.5 million Canadians, which he is most proud of. He expressed his enjoyment working on these vastly scaled projects as they exposed him to so much new technology and different people. When asked about his favourite part about working at WIMTACH, he stated, “I got to work and talk with a chief technology officer, to know his line of thinking and his approach at solving problems.”

The current COVID-19 pandemic has presented a challenge for students to adjust to working from home, but for Rithesh, that wasn’t a problem as he appreciated staying in the comfort of his own home. When asked about how WIMTACH has further prepared him for his future career, he said, “It gave me an opportunity to lead a team. It provided an exposure into the SDLC. Exposure into a set of technologies to accomplish specific tasks in software engineering. I was able to get a job offer in my first interview thanks to the experience at WIMTACH.”

Rithesh also had some advice to share for any future students coming to work at WIMTACH. “It’s a journey. Plan your day. Divide your tasks. Take one task at a time. TRY AND TEST. What gets tested (measured) gets accomplished.” He points out that his career priorities and choices may change over the next five years, but he is excited for what the future holds. Rithesh is another student who performed exceptionally at WIMTACH and is on their way to further great endeavours. Ritesh is currently working with BMO as a Cloud Developer.

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