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Mechanical Engineering Technology

Our engineering skills and design services allow us to provide our customers with novel and innovative design solutions.

Electronic Engineering Technology

Design, deploy, test, and optimize embedded solutions (hardware and software) to satisfy SMEs requirements in health, mobile, and wearable technologies is what we do best.

Mobile App Development

We offer state of the art mobile applications (from scratch or modifying existing) with the latest technologies for iOS, Android and Windows.


Low cost, simplistic rapid prototyping services (e.g. CNC, 3D printing) allows our customers to test functional specifications before mass production.

E Health solutions

We design highly customizable software systems for a wide range of platforms. We specialize in systems for patients and physicians to allow training, private and public communication (text, voice, video) and statistics.

Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment and Business Planning services offered at WIMTACH let companies explore market opportunities that could be turned into profits.

Product Validation

Product Validation Our customers can receive feedback about the usefulness of the products they are designing based on their desired user group.


Join us for a workshop you have been long thinking to attend or throw a challenge at one of our hackathons and see our students create wonderful solutions.


Building Wearable, Interactive, Mobile Technology Since 2015

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The Benefits

At WIMTACH we have the tools and expertise to assist businesses of all sizes with a variety of problems, from development to commercialization to outreach. We have completed over 28 projects for various companies in the health sector, from major hospitals to start-ups. Uniquely positioned as one of the few Technology Access Centres in Ontario, we combine industry knowledge with the skills of our diverse faculty, staff and students.

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