Report: WIMTACH’s COVID-Response

Despite the new and rapid change the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, WIMTACH continues to adapt and make efforts to move forward with its applied research projects, online trainings and other business and professional development opportunities. This report outlines the work WIMTACH has done to support and strengthen its network of collaborators, partners and associates in […] Read more


WIMTACH Student Profile: Ayesha Azim

Ayesha Azim is fascinated with software development, how websites are constructed, and especially, how Artificial Intelligence fits into all of this. That’s why she decided to apply for Centennial College’s Software Engineering Technology program, with a concentration on AI and Computer Software Engineering. When she learned about WIMTACH from a professor in one of her […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Tannus Esquerdo

“I feel more confident in my career at the moment because of the project I worked with at WIMTACH,” said Tannus Esquerdo, a recent alumnus from the WIMTACH student internship program. Reflecting on his internship at WIMTACH, Tannus noted that he gained what he set out to achieve from his internship: a strong sense of […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Pavendhan Santharam

Pavendhan Santharam joined WIMTACH to gain a diversified learning experience after learning about the assorted scope of projects undertaken by the WIMTACH research team. Joining WIMTACH in January 2024, Ram was involved in several projects including collaborations with Quince Flowers, Fibra, Conveyor Built and Soch Mental Health. He also assisted the team with the preparations […] Read more

WIMTACH partners with Cassidy e-Care Solutions to develop a mobile application with aims of supporting individuals with diabetes

Cassidy e-Care Solutions is on a mission to empower diabetes patients. With a partnership with WIMTACH, the Winnipeg-based startup has successfully established the Minimum Viable Product for a mobile application that is set to enable people with Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes to collect, track and share diabetes information. It makes it easy for users […] Read more

May, 31, 2024



WIMTACH partners with Taltis Foods to revamp an E-commerce website

In the high days of the lock down provisions of the Covid-19 pandemic, it underscored what everyone already knew: companies who adapt to the online space thrive and the rest fall behind. It’s this reason that the team at Taltis Foods, a Toronto based retail business, decided to partner with WIMTACH-CEDA, on the enhancement of […] Read more

Apr, 26, 2024



WIMTACH Student Profile: Faiyazahmad Ansari

Faiyazahmad Ansari joined WIMTACH and the FabrIc-Based REsearch (FIBRE) program as an Electronics Student Researcher in August 2023 and it offered him his first technical job in Canada. With foundational skills as a student in the Electronics Engineering Technology program at Centennial College, he has been able to implement his passion for Printed circuit board […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Nabila Patel

Nabila Patel is in her last semester of the Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering program at Centennial College and she is excited to graduate. After joining WIMTACH in October 2023 as a Student Researcher, she has been able to gain hands-on experience with electronic projects and she is eager to apply this knowledge after graduation. […] Read more

WIMTACH partners with Quince Flowers on the enhancement of an E-commerce website

Quince Flowers is one example of a retail business that has benefitted from a partnership with WIMTACH-CEDA. In 1997, owner Rosie Jeffares-Levitt started her floral business out of her kitchen. Then she established a brick-and-mortar boutique within a well-known furniture store. Next came new shared retail ventures and a flagship store of her own. Now […] Read more

Mar, 22, 2024



WIMTACH Student Profile: Emre Yurderi

Emre Yurderi is big on challenging himself. Although he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and a Master’s Degree in Big Data Analytics, he is still hungry for an opportunity to expand his knowledge in the Data Science field. As a result, in January 2023, he enrolled in the Artificial Intelligence program at Centennial College […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Prasan Bagga

After a few of his friends shared details about their work on projects for WIMTACH, Prasan Bagga knew he had to join the program. So shortly afterwards, he started monitoring the WIMTACH LinkedIn profile for student opportunities, eager for his co-op term in his Electronic Engineering Technology program to begin so that he could apply […] Read more

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