iMerciv is a Toronto-based company that develops technology to decrease obstacles and increase solutions for people with mobility needs, especially those who are blind, deaf-blind and partially deaf. WIMTACH partnered with iMerciv to develop Mapinhood, a novel navigation product that creates optimal pedestrian routes for users. The objective was to create the most optimal route for pedestrians based on their preferences. WIMTACH completed the high-level objectives of the project, which were to create a gamified user experience – including develop a data collection mechanism – develop a routing engine to calculate optimal paths and develop a voice navigation that can provide step-by-step walking directions.

Funding Type



  • A prototype of Mapinhood

Expertise Involved:

  • Mechanical design
  • Routing technology
  • Artificial intelligence (algorithm design)

Services Provided:

  • Applied Research (technology development) – concept design, product development


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