WIMTACH partners with the Scarborough Health Network a two-part hackathon

One group presenting their hackathon solution the the panel of judges

On October 24th and 25th, WIMTACH hosted a hackathon in partnership with the Scarborough Health Network – represented by Dr. Hammel Naomi Van Halteren – that tasked Centennial College students with two challenges. The first challenge was to design an off-loading boot for patients who’ve had ankle surgery. The second challenge was to design a mechanism that prevents falls from hospital beds. Students from various programs, including Mechanical Engineering, were placed in groups to address both challenges in two days (i.e., 13 hours). The Scarborough Health Network is a hospital network that includes three community hospitals and serves all of Scarborough.

Medical-based hackathons require careful consideration of variables because the slightest one can render any forthcoming solutions inadequate. Students worked diligently to eliminate possible flaws in their design, cost measurement and general mechanics of their solution. The advantage of WIMTACH hackathons is the ability for those students to consult with industry partners observing the hackathon, fellow students in their group and WIMTACH Research Associates for sound advice about their solutions. In this way, students gain experience and the opportunity to build on their soft skills.

Each presentation yielded several questions and challenges from both peers and industry partners. Groups were challenged on their design, cost-effectiveness and even the feasibility of their solution. After each group presented in front of their peers and judges, the judges deliberated; they decided that the fifth group had the best solution for both challenges.

WIMTACH is committed to providing networking services to industry partners that will yield opportunities to facilitate innovation at the highest level. Hackathons serve as reminders that true collaboration across disciplines, statuses and industries, works.

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Oct, 30, 2019