Shaftesbury is an award-winning digital media production company that develops content for television, film, digital and brands. However, since 2015, their virtual reality (VR) and technology divisions have been working in collaboration with leading healthcare institutions and researchers to explore and develop clinical applications for immersive media experiences. WIMTACH and Shaftesbury collaborated on two projects:

  1. Developed virtual reality (VR) assets for Shaftesbury’s latest multiplatform transmedia narrative, Darken Digital
  2. Developed a prototype for data collection of user behaviour using a Pulse Sensor for Shaftesbury Lucid, a deep narrative and virtual reality game.


  • VR assets
  • Data collection prototype

Expertise Involved:

  • Virtual reality
  • Game design and programming
  • Software development

Services Provided:

  • Applied Research (commercialization and technology development) – concept design, product development, prototyping


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