We Traq


WeTraq is a company that develops solutions for tracking loved ones with dementia and autism. WIMTACH in collaboration with WeTraq designed and developed a global tracking device that combines the power of Internet of Things (IoT), WiFi and GPS technology. With its unique set of features such as Global Coverage, Geo-fencing, Report Scheduling & SOS alerts, this credit-card size device allows users to track their loved ones anytime & anywhere around the globe.


  • Global tracking device

Expertise Involved:

  • Mobile Application
  • Game Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Mechanical design
  • Electronics

Services Provided:

  • Applied Research (commercialization and technology development) – Concept design, Prototyping, Equipment rentals, Benchmarking, Technical support, Strategic consulting, Opportunity assessment
  • Funding acquisition – Non-dilutive funding acquisition


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