WIMTACH partners with AAVAA to enhance smart assistive glasses

WIMTACH and AAVAA, partnered to develop e-textile-based sensors for assistive smart glasses which is able to detect actions like eye movement, blinking, and other facial gestures. The device supports users with high levels of disabilities to communicate with other assistive devices through a signaling system which is captured from nose pads and temple tips. Founder and CEO of AAVAA, Naeem Komeilipoor, noted that WIMTACH was an ideal partner for this project because of its approach to technological development. “The partnership with WIMTACH is marked by a multidisciplinary approach, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to translating innovative ideas into commercial successes,” he said, adding “Active engagement with Centennial College ensures a dynamic exchange of knowledge for mutual success in applied research.”

Over the course of several months, the WIMTACH research team focused on researching the best sensing material for AAVAA’s assistive smart glasses to replace polymer-based materials.  Composed of a mix of Centennial College faculty and e-textile experts, the research team, was able to ultimately determine the most durable material for AAVAA’s assistive glasses by studying the characteristics of different new conductive materials to find the one that was best fitted for smart glasses. In the end, the project collaboration also enabled Student Researchers to investigate the durability of different materials while they built an understanding of the process of researching for an applied research project and learned about the numerous types of conductive materials that are available in the smart textile landscape.

Komeilipoor was pleased with the contributions of the WIMTACH research team, noting the value of the work to AAVAA’s long term goals and found that the results of the project exceeded his initial expectations. “The research project with WIMTACH is expected to significantly contribute to AAVAA’s wearables development. By tapping into WIMTACH’s expertise and collaboration with Centennial College, AAVAA aims to enhance its sensor technology, providing valuable insights for hands-free, touch-free operation,” he said. “The project results are expected to have a lasting impact on AAVAA’s development.”

Following the success of this project collaboration Komeilipoor has explained that the AAVAA team will use the findings from this partnership to refine their product further. He’s so pleased with the partnership, he mentioned that he would strongly recommend WIMTACH to other businesses who could benefit from the services and resources that are available in the program. “Based on the positive experience, AAVAA would strongly recommend WIMTACH to other companies and startups seeking expertise, technology solutions, and a collaborative environment for innovation and success,” he said.

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Dec, 15, 2023