WIMTACH’s TAC funding renewed for another five years

Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technology Access Centre in Health (WIMTACH) will continue to support digital health technology innovation for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through a $1.75 million College and Community Innovation Technology Access Centre (TAC) grant from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). The grant was announced on March 10 to the executive staff of WIMTACH at Centennial College Progress campus.

The funding will be used to continue supporting digital health innovation initiatives locally and beyond by providing specialized technology, access to equipment and expertise. WIMTACH will receive $350,000 per year for five consecutive years, which will provide the team with the resources to achieve further success.

By year five of the TAC grant, WIMTACH aims to increase the following key performance indicators:

  • the number of companies served from 69 to 95 per year
  • the number of SMEs served from 68 to 93 per year
  • revenue from SMEs from $250,000 to $548,211 per year
  • the number of services provided from 73 to 92 per year
  • the number of applied research projects from 31 to 44 per year
  • the number of training contracts provided from 52 to 90 per year

“The renewal of this grant is momentous because it expands our research and training capabilities as well as builds our portfolio and leadership in the digital health industry,” says Dr. Purnima Tyagi, Director of WIMTACH. “As a direct result of our application, we can increase our partnerships and commitments to key stakeholders while broadening our impact on our community.”

WIMTACH’s achievements over the previous five years have positioned WIMTACH as a driving force in the local digital health sector. As one of 30 Technology Access Centres in Canada, it has facilitated successful achievements for 148 companies, including 206 services, 107 completed projects and 60 new products and technologies developed. These achievements have been translated into commercialized successes and business expansions. They also strengthened WIMTACH’s commitment to collaboration at Centennial College.

As a result of its applied research projects, WIMTACH initiated significant collaboration between Centennial students and faculty. 406 students and 47 part-time and full-time faculty have engaged in applied research projects and other research-related activities. Many of these collaborations have turned into job opportunities, professional development and networking opportunities.

WIMTACH is committed to optimizing the benefits and opportunities for SMEs that will be gained from this historic achievement.

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