WIMTACH’s Workshop Series: The Online Data Analysis Using Python workshop helps industry professionals to learn Python easier

Photo: Markus Spiske

Python is one of the most popular programming languages used worldwide in multiple industries. Moreover, the popularity of Python allows for cross-platform usage making integration into new systems simpler. The open-source nature of Python allows for a low barrier of entry to the programming language. It enables flexibility and ease of change in the code through a multitude of different libraries and distributions of Python. This adaptability of Python makes it the perfect tool for data analysis and research. As a result, professionals from around the world use Python every day to make a living for themselves while delivering value to their customers and partners. Sreekumar Pillai, the manager of the Centre of Explainable Data Analytics at WIMTACH, provided insight into the many uses of Python in his recent Online Data Analysis Using Python Workshop.

Sreekumar covered the basics of Python architecture and how it can be applied in online data analysis stating, “Python is not a programming language that will solve all the issues of humanity, but it’s extremely powerful in certain applications like data analysis.” Throughout the workshop he elaborated that due to the versatility and flexibility of Python, there are hundreds of ways of using it, making Python the most universal IT tool you can have. As over 92% of IT firms worldwide use Python in their daily operations it’s fair to say that Python is one of the most popular programming languages for professionals. Python has taken many useful and highly sought after features from other languages, which makes it a favorite for programmers. Another advantage of Python is its scalability allowing programming anything as simple as a “Hello World” prompt to an extensive data analysis solution or even a new AAA computer game.

Workshop participants were taught about specific tools that could be used to practice programming data analysis scripts. Professor Pillai started with Anaconda, a go-to Python distribution that makes Python even better suited for data analysis. A distribution of Python is a set of libraries and tools created to optimize the coding process and speed. He also mentioned a useful platform called Google Collab, a Jupiter Handbook alternative hosted on the cloud. This platform allows all users to practice coding with Python in a dedicated online environment, which will assist you in the process using specialized AI (Artificial Intelligence). Such software in combination with adequate libraries can turn any beginning Python specialist into a Python master.

Participants were able to see a demo with prepared code sequences and how they can work in analyzing big amounts of data. Professor Pillai shared some go-to life hacks that can be implemented into the code to make it more advanced and not compromise the program’s speed. Also, he emphasized a few useful libraries that can significantly boost your next data analysis program with Python. During the workshop, he mentioned many unique and professional tips that can only be accessed during the workshop. After the demonstration, under mentoring from Professor Pillai, participants attempted to make a code sequence of their own while receiving real-time and valuable feedback immediately.

Professor Pillai advised participants to be brave in their Python study and to always aim for the best results. “Knowing Python is a valuable and appreciating skill that you can start turning into money as soon as this workshop is over,” he said.

This workshop is scheduled to repeat every week to provide participants with more practice and feedback.

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Sep, 28, 2022