Zippy Consulting


Zippy Serve Consulting provides consulting services to companies that want to conduct business in the Philippines. Zippy Consulting and WIMTACH developed an interactive exercise solution consisting of a wearable wrist-band that tracks user vitals and a feedback mechanism that provides users with real-time feedback. The solution learns and remembers user training patterns. With that, the solution creates a unique profile for each user, even alerting users if they are over-training their bodies. Ultimately, the system makes use of proprietary machine learning algorithms and video game technology to create an immersive experience.


  • Wearable wrist-band


  • Machine learning (artificial intelligence)
  • Immersive reality technology (virtual reality)
  • Mechanical design
  • Electronics

Services Provided:

  • Applied Research (commercialization and technology development) – Concept design, Prototyping, Product development, Product testing, Product validation, Equipment rentals, Benchmarking, Technical support, Strategic consulting, Opportunity assessment
  • Funding acquisition – Non-dilutive funding acquisition
  • Customized Training – Training


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