Artificial intelligence training draws attendee from Ottawa

Centennial College’s WIMTACH provides training and professional development opportunities, including exclusive access to information about local and international industries such as mobile, machine learning and artificial intelligence. These opportunities are a way for WIMTACH to continue collaborating with the best and brightest researchers, small businesses and experts.

Nick Sajadi, faculty at Centennial College is one such expert who has been working with WIMTACH as a Principal Investigator for various applied research projects. Every week, he leads trainings on the future of artificial intelligence and draws attendees from inside Centennial College and beyond. At his training on July 26, S. met an attendee who drove four hours from Ottawa to learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning. His name is Aditya Seshan.

Seshan is a Research Engineer with 5G Energy, a digital automation company headquartered in Ottawa (Canada) that specializes in granular smart energy intelligence and predictive technology. He learned about the WIMTACH training through a friend and thought it was going to be “interesting” because AI and machine learning go hand in hand and, he wanted to learn more. He was not disappointed. He explained his one big takeaway from the training:

There are a lot of thing you keep learning over a period time, especially with something like this because the scope for AI is massive…just realizing that there’s so much to learn and grasp. With this [training], I realized the techniques used to develop a solution is very different from what I do and I wouldn’t have thought of it from before. Coming here and learning, you can learn those aspects and incorporate those aspects into your work.

Trainings like these are just the beginning. For Seshan, a partnership with WIMTACH for a future project is possible. His company has “almost a terabyte of data” and he, along with his partners, are trying to figure out what to do with it. Learning is his first step and his advice to other new, small businesses:

“It’s always better to keep improving their knowledge base because knowledge is power. Attach whatever you learn and integrate it into your own systems. Like any aspiring company, we [at 5G] want to be the best at what we do and to do that, we have to keep growing and learning.”

The next training is August 23. Register here.