WIMTACH students gets hired two weeks after graduation

For over 50 years, Centennial College has been dedicated to student success beyond the classroom. The College’s Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technology Access Centre in Health (WIMTACH) has shown the depth of this dedication – since 2015, it has provided over 325 students with employment opportunities, applied research knowledge and skills and ultimately, has prepared them for the digital health and innovation industries that are waiting for them. Viktor Bilyk is just one of thse students.

A newcomer to Canada, Bilyk completed two post-graduate certificate programs – Mobile Applications last year and Cybersecurity this year. But it wasn’t enough to make his job applications stand out. He needed Canadian experience that demonstrated that he could work in the kind of working environment his industries called for. This is where WIMTACH becomes part of his story.

 “One of my friends work with Professor Mehrdad from WIMTACH who was looking for some students for a mobile application program, and he suggested me and then I started working there in 2018.”

From here, Bilyk worked on three projects with WIMTACH – two mobile application projects and one cybersecurity project – three opportunities he could have never gotten anywhere else. He gained new colleagues, new friends and a professional reference that would lead him to his new beginning, only two weeks after graduation.

“My work on the mobile projects for WIMTACH and my professor helped me get a job with Mobile Life as an iOS developer.”

His advice to students like him who are looking for Canadian experience is simple: “try and work with WIMTACH so that you can get to know different people and have great and exciting experiences.”

WIMTACH is proud to play a key role in the success of students who have dedicated their time to investing in Ontario’s technology ecosystem of a wide variety of digital industries. Centennial College will continue to advance the applied research discipline through its classrooms, departments and beyond.