Gravvity: The Integration of Orbbit

The vision for the Gravvity application.

Social Media is the current leading force in the world of technology, as it connects individuals worldwide with ease, but it’s no secret that it has come to affect one’s mental health. The constant bombardment of advertisements, spam, and validation from others can negatively affect individuals in their everyday lives. Gravvity, a new Canadian technology organization, wants to solve that issue and “empower users, not exploit them.” WIMTACH is proud to announce its latest collaboration with Gravvity, to support them in creating a transformational SaaS feed advertising platform called Orbbit. 

Spearheading this project on the Gravvity team is Jerry Chien, CEO of Gravvity Group Inc. He describes the social media application stating, “Gravvity incorporates all of the features that you love about your favorite social media apps but eliminates all the spam, clutter, algorithms, and external validation features that mess with your mental health, productivity and privacy.” He wants to give users complete control of their content and how they consume it so that social engagement is a fruitful and positive experience. “We also give users control over the type and number of ads appearing in their feeds and share 50% of ad profits with users,” Jerry also shared. Jerry and his team will be integrating the Orbbit application into the Gravvity’s chat and social platform.

The project collaboration will assess, plan, develop and integrate an innovative SaaS advertising platform into the Orbit application. The integration will do this through the development of application programmable interfaces (APIs). WIMTACH will also create an artificial intelligence algorithm to optimize match-making between businesses and users by integrating the developed APIs.

The collaboration came about through the Collision Conference of 2021, where Jerry discovered WIMTACH. “We saw this as a phenomenal opportunity of leveraging support from Canadian tech education and students as it provides us with incredible access to a broad range of resources and capabilities to execute our technology road map,” stated Jerry. WIMTACH will be supporting the design and development of the technology infrastructure, application and team structure that the Gravvity team created. His vision for Gravvity is to make a healthier and more empowering way for the world to be connected. He and his team believe that people should complete control of their data & content and benefit from its value. They want to empower users to maximize their experience and the importance of being socially connected.

When Jerry was asked where he sees Gravvity in 5 years, he shared, “Gravvity will be a global community that completely transforms the social media landscape and will make us question why we ever allowed the social platforms to exploit and manipulate us the way that they currently do.” This project is expected to lead towards great results, and both teams agree on their excitement of what’s to come. “We couldn’t be more excited to partner with WIMTACH and look forward to a long and successful partnership as we disrupt one of the biggest industries in the world,” said Jerry.

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