Treasured Inc: Bringing History to the Digital Space

One of the virtual museum exhibits that Treasured Inc. has created.

Preserving history is an essential task as it keeps moments of the past alive and influences society for the future. It is key to know where society comes from and learn about past events ones’ ancestors have experienced. Museums are the essential location for individuals to experience history in one place, and Treasured Inc. brings the museum experience to the digital landscape. 

Treasured Inc. is a Canadian software company that aims to increase access to historical collections by collaborating with Heritage organizations to develop immersive web-based experiences. The company previously collaborated with WIMTACH to create an algorithm that measures and translates user behaviour to effectively influence users’ environment continually, increasing incentive to continuously use Treasured Inc. products and take history content beyond simple discovery meaningful engagement.

At the head of this organization is Vito S. Giovannetti, CEO & Co-Founder of Treasured Inc. His vision for Treasured Inc. is to provide outside organizations with an accessible and immersive online experience. “We are focused on creating a 3D space that is interactive, educational, and has a sense of exploration. We want to make it easy for every person to curate and become the master curator of their own 3D space,” he shared. He spoke about the motivation behind creating the company and preserving history and family stories, as he has a passion for storytelling. There is a space to bridge the gap between technology and history.

The Treasured Inc. organization has a history working with Co-Op students from Centennial College, and through word of mouth, Vito heard about WIMTACH. The connection to WIMTACH began there for the collaboration. He was compelled to work with WIMTACH on this project after meeting the outstanding and talented faculty and students, especially WIMTACH’s team. “WIMTACH has allowed us to advance our technology and lead research and development initiatives in the emerging web 3.0 industry,” Vito shared.

Within the collaboration, WIMTACH worked on their TreasureWorld application, in which WIMTACH helped layout and automate their multimedia content. With the project now complete, customers of Treasured Inc. can now properly engage their audiences online in a meaningful way. Vito goes on to say that “Right now, a lot of these interactive experiences are not accessible or affordable, and the tools are counter intuitive. I was inspired by this project to make it easier for organizations to offer immersive online experiences.”

The team at Treasured Inc. are advocates of creating better access to historical narratives and filling the historical gaps that exist within our current knowledge of Canadian history, so we’re really passionate about forming collaborations with indigenous communities and leaders to create more accessible experiences for the world and Canadians to learn about culture, and also the travesties that have happened along the way.”

With the project completed, Vito would love for WIMTACH to continue to source great talent and opportunities to the organization and looks forward to future collaboration. “WIMTACH was great, the students were fun, the admin team was very time and detail orientated, and managed timelines very well. There were very successful outcomes, and I am very happy with how everything turned out,” Vito stated when asked about his overall experience with WIMTACH.

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