WIMTACH Student Profile: Anmoldeep Gill

Anmoldeep Gill heard about WIMTACH for the first time on his first day at Centennial College. He would never have thought it would change his life so much. He joined Centennial as a Software Engineering student in 2019 after finishing his Hardware Diploma. He had some existing experience in Tech Support which swayed him to pursue Software Engineering in his education and career. As his program at Centennial College required work placement to graduate, Anmoldeep decided to apply for a few positions, including the one with WIMTACH. “It was my first choice,” he said.

After applying, Anmoldeep was invited for an interview run by the WIMTACH research leads. In an interview, the research leads found that he had the required skills for the role which he gained through his Software Engineering program at Centennial College. “When I was told I got accepted, I was through the roof,” he said. He signed the co-op contract making him an official WIMTACH student researcher. On his first day, Anmoldeep was introduced to the broader team, including his superiors and other student developers who helped him come on board and made him feel at home.

In his daily tasks, Anmoldeep found the most pleasure in starting different projects. “Conducting preliminary research was the most interesting part of the whole project,” he mentioned. For example, in one project, he was developing an online market platform where he had to integrate Stripe, an online payment system. This took Anmoldeep and his team some time to thoroughly research the inner workings of Stripe to effectively and efficiently incorporate it into the online market. Additionally, he was very thankful for the experience working with Cloud software, which is his big passion. “Working with the cloud allowed me to clearly see my professional role and where I want to go with it,” he stated.

WIMTACH enabled Anmoldeep to secure his first job after graduation in December of 2021. During his internship, Anmoldeep was referred by his project leader to a company called Symcor, a banking software developing organization. He was passionate about a role of such magnitude, so he applied for it. With the help of the experience from multiple projects at WIMTACH, Anmoldeep was accepted into the position with Symcor becoming a Full-stack Javascript Developer.

With WIMTACH, Anmoldeep was able to develop different soft skills in addition to his professional skills. Client relations, team communication, and work ethic – all of these soft skills improved substantially for him during his internship with WIMTACH. Because soft skills are a matter of experience, Anmoldeep showed a decisive competitive advantage. Moreover, his soft skills were one of the core reasons why he was able to secure a role with Symcor so quickly after his graduation.

In the next ten years, Anmoldeep stated that his main goals are to “grow, and continue growing every day.” In a few years, he will aim to become a senior developer with the best possible Information Technology (IT) organization. Moreover, he expressed significant interest in receiving cloud developer certification and soon becoming a fully licensed cloud architect.

During his time with WIMTACH, he learned a lot of valuable and useful skills that he is already applying in his position with Symcor. Also, he conducted substantial initial networking while working with WIMTACH. This provided Anmoldeep job security, as he knew at the time of graduation from college that a job would be waiting for him. His message to software engineering students at Centennial college said, “gain experience at WIMTACH, as with WIMTACH, you learn a new skill each day.”

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