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WIMTACH Student Profile: Wonsuk Cha

Wonsuk Cha, a graduate from the Centennial College’s Software Engineering – Artificial Intelligence program, who participated in a project collaboration with Avondx, attributes his current job to WIMTACH. His four-month internship at WIMTACH as a student machine learning engineer was his first introduction to an applied research project in Artificial Intelligence and it also opened […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Faiyazahmad Ansari

Faiyazahmad Ansari joined WIMTACH and the FabrIc-Based REsearch (FIBRE) program as an Electronics Student Researcher in August 2023 and it offered him his first technical job in Canada. With foundational skills as a student in the Electronics Engineering Technology program at Centennial College, he has been able to implement his passion for Printed circuit board […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Nabila Patel

Nabila Patel is in her last semester of the Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering program at Centennial College and she is excited to graduate. After joining WIMTACH in October 2023 as a Student Researcher, she has been able to gain hands-on experience with electronic projects and she is eager to apply this knowledge after graduation. […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Emre Yurderi

Emre Yurderi is big on challenging himself. Although he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics and a Master’s Degree in Big Data Analytics, he is still hungry for an opportunity to expand his knowledge in the Data Science field. As a result, in January 2023, he enrolled in the Artificial Intelligence program at Centennial College […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Prasan Bagga

After a few of his friends shared details about their work on projects for WIMTACH, Prasan Bagga knew he had to join the program. So shortly afterwards, he started monitoring the WIMTACH LinkedIn profile for student opportunities, eager for his co-op term in his Electronic Engineering Technology program to begin so that he could apply […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Juan Munoz Rivera

Just an hour before Juan Munoz Rivera’s scheduled remote interview for a WIMTACH student Android developer role, his WIFI adapter stopped working. Without a bike of his own, he ran three kilometers to the nearest Best Buy to purchase a new adapter and ran back home in time for his interview with just five minutes […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Mandeep Kaur

Mandeep Kaur is sure that without her internship at WIMTACH she would not have been able to get her current job. “I didn’t have any other job experience, it was just WIMTACH which helped me to gain that experience,” she said. “And then I was able to apply further.” Mandeep’s entry into professional development began […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Fu Liang

When Fu Liang learned about an ongoing applied research project collaboration with Emote AI, he jumped at an internship opening. “It is a very good opportunity for me to really gain some industry experience and I want to develop my interpersonal skills and also some industry exposure,” he said. Centered on the development of a […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Othman Alhendi

A recent graduate of Centennial College’s Internet of Things (IoT) program, Othman Alhendi explained that joining WIMTACH was a natural progression for him as he tried to expand his understanding of his field. Armed with an educational background in Electrical Engineering and with professional working experience from his previous role as a Data Engineer, he […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Indrajith Ram Loganathan

A student in the Artificial Intelligence program at Centennial College, Indrajith Ram Loganathan joined WIMTACH after deciding to gain hands on training for a long-term career in the Canadian technology industry. With years of experience in Automation Testing, Indrajith resolved to shift towards Artificial Intelligence when he learned that the industry was increasingly becoming popular. […] Read more

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