WIMTACH Student Profile: Dhafa Anam

When joining Centennial College for his Automation and Robotics – Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology program, Dhafa Anam didn’t think he would embark on such an important journey. His journey started in his second semester when it was time to find a co-op opportunity available in his program. During his research into what options were available, Dhafa determined that most co-op opportunities would require him to perform mostly tedious maintenance work. However, when his professor introduced him to WIMTACH, the opportunity stood out. “I saw WIMTACH as the only opportunity for me to really get a chance to implement my skills and not just waste time,” he said.

After joining WIMTACH, Dhafa got a chance to work on two independent projects focusing on Research and Development (R&D). His first project focused on automating and developing a cosmetic manufacturing line. With his team, Dhafa designed the algorithm used by the machine and got a chance to work with industry-grade components. “Developing the cosmetic line was extremely interesting for the team and me because it presented a challenge we knew we could beat,” he said.

His second project focused on developing a new snowblower-lawnmower robot for a company called Cenith Energy Corporation. The leaf blower-lawn mower robot would become a new version of the vacuum robot, but for the outside. However, because the device would have to work outside, Dhafa faced significant challenges in his development process. He managed to overcome these challenges with the help of his team and WIMTACH. “I really enjoyed testing sensors in the device. It was entertaining to go outside and test to see if it would work or crash in some hilarious way,” he said. In this project, Dhafa developed a significant part of the product, contributing to the control system, sensors and data display.

During his co-op with WIMTACH, Dhafa learned and developed many new skills. He mainly developed his programming and interfacing skills. Also, he got a chance to build on top of his existing knowledge in Python and C++. “WIMTACH gave me the resources, knowledge and confidence to develop a whole product from the ground up,” he stated. Dhafa regularly used the knowledge he acquired during his academic studies at Centennial College, which was the core of his growth. However, at WIMTACH, he gained more niche and specialized skills.

Dhafa has already graduated from Centennial College and received an offer from a development company called Cenith Energy Corporation. The company is currently developing a prototype of their leaf blower-lawn mower robot, so Dhafa will join them to finish the project and continue producing new ones in the future. He added that he was very excited to continue working on the same project as he made substantial contributions to it while at WIMTACH. “I see this project as my child who has nearly grown-up, and I want to be the one who takes it to the end,” he said.

In the near future, Dhafa is looking to continue work in the R&D industry. “Maybe I will start my own company. I want to start a project that will be mine from start to finish,” he stated. Moreover, Dhafa stated that he is looking forward to expanding his expertise in other fields like robotics development.

WIMTACH became a starting platform for Dhafa, and he was able to utilize the experience to get an excellent full-time job nearly right after graduation. “When there is an opportunity at WIMTACH, seize it,” he said. “I was scared at the start, but my team lifted me, and your team will do the exact same,” Dhafa added.

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