WIMTACH Student Profile: Eduardo Santana

Eduardo Santana is the newest success story to come out of WIMTACH, having spent a year and four months with the WIMTACH and taking part in the development of two projects. Eduardo was a Software Engineering Technology student in the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science at Centennial College. He started working for WIMTACH after he found out a classmate was working on an applied research project with a company at WIMTACH. Eduardo also decided to apply for the student researcher position and was selected. Immediately he started working on his first project. “I worked on two different projects at WIMTACH. The first was the Axon project where we dealt with Javascript and React applications for a web Medical Imaging viewer. The second project was for Health IT Company and its EMR application,” he shared.

While working on the two mentioned projects, Eduardo learned new technologies that he was able to add to his resume. Technologies like Java, React, Angular and Medical Imaging Viewer are vital to an engineer’s portfolio that he now has obtained skills in. “One thing I love the most about these projects was getting to know these new technologies, new approaches, and how a real company is approaching certain problems from within the college premises.” Eduardo got enjoyment taking part in the two projects and loved working so close to his classrooms. 

When Eduardo thinks of his future career, he sees himself working as a software engineer at a prominent company and considers WIMTACH as the first stepping stone to that goal. “One really important thing that I got at WIMTACH was the relationships built with new people. Getting to know so many extraordinary and professional people opens new doors and opportunities. These people always support me when I need a professional letter of recommendation,” Eduardo stated. The transition to working from home last year was also relatively easy for him, as he already did many day-to-day tasks from his computer. His former position in web development prepared him for that. When he’s not busy working on a project, he engages in chess and playing the guitar to unwind.

He hopes that many more students like himself at Centennial College work with WIMTACH. Eduardo says, “It is an extraordinary opportunity to work and get to know new and challenging technologies. Also get to know the market place where you will get experience with real and professional people and environments.”

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