WIMTACH Student Profile: Indrajith Ram Loganathan

A student in the Artificial Intelligence program at Centennial College, Indrajith Ram Loganathan joined WIMTACH after deciding to gain hands on training for a long-term career in the Canadian technology industry. With years of experience in Automation Testing, Indrajith resolved to shift towards Artificial Intelligence when he learned that the industry was increasingly becoming popular. But when he saw that WIMTACH offered an internship experience in Automation Testing, he jumped at the opportunity to gain expansive training in Automation Testing and Data Analysis. “I see WIMTACH giving an opportunity for students to work part-time while they study which is not easily available outside anywhere else,” he said.

Indrajith is now working as a student Automation Testing Engineer for WIMTACH industry partner, Alpha Global. He is assisting the WIMTACH team with Alpha Global’s Electronic Medical Record solution called Globe Med Application which digitizes health documents for ease of use. The application enables patients and health professionals to share and account for medical documents, and also access information on treatment plans and health journeys. For ongoing maintenance of the application, Indrajith has the important role of ensuring that the application is undergoing regular tests to remove any bugs or concerns. Some of his responsibilities include creating test scripts and preparing testing status documentation for the ongoing status of the application. “Here, I would say I’ve been promoted to a senior engineer where I work independently, I decide what goes on, on the Automation scripts,” he said. “That’s something [that’s] a privilege given to me.” This privilege enables him to gain unprecedented opportunities to iterate his knowledge and ultimately, refine his technical skills.

With months of experience working at WIMTACH, Indrajith mentioned that the collaborative working culture of WIMTACH proved to be very useful when he faced challenges. “It’s a great experience, everyone is encouraging,” he added. “Everyone is helpful when you reach out to them for any help.” This environment has also been especially key for him to feel valued and acknowledged for his contributions. His favorite feature of his internship comes from the appreciation given towards his input, a quality which he feels has been instrumental in building his confidence and motivation. “I see that it’s not just part of the teamwork [but the students] have importance as well,” he said. “The team is so supportive. Even when we start to plan for some work or change some design, they even take suggestions from me so that’s something I see that I’m a prioritized person.” He noted that recently, when he had a demonstration and the scripts were not performing as he had expected, the team was so supportive, that he was emboldened to quickly resolve the challenge during the demonstration. “That was something which was a big moment … all are so kind and supportive,” he said.

In the long run, Indrajith hopes to use his training at WIMTACH towards a career as a Data Engineer and then ultimately, become a Data Scientist. To this end, he plans on continuing his internship at WIMTACH to work on more project collaborations to build upon his resume. “I’m grateful to WIMTACH because they have given me the opportunity to work [with] a client in Canada as well as they’ve given me the opportunity to get Canadian experience,” he said.

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