WIMTACH Student Profile: Marcus Ngooi

During his work with WIMTACH, Marcus Ngooi acquired various skills fundamental to his career growth and development as a specialist. After starting his career as an accountant, Marcus decided to change his profession. He enrolled in the Software Engineering Technology program at Centennial College, where he developed a wide range of skills. Seeking further experience as a Software Engineer, Marcus applied for a position as a Student Researcher with WIMTACH. Throughout his internship, he was able to apply his industry-specific skills and solve complex problems on a scale that exceeded his expectations. “WIMTACH allowed me to be an innovator in my work, which proved to be extremely valuable for me,” he said.

After joining WIMTACH as a Student Researcher, Marcus was assigned to work on a new project for WIMTACH’s industry partner, Wosler Diagnostics. This project aimed to develop a web application that would enable medical professionals to manipulate robotic arms remotely using a joystick. “This project was exceptionally challenging, and I used all of my problem-solving skills to succeed,” he said. Within this project, Marcus, in collaboration with his team, successfully integrated the joystick with the robotic arm and established various audio-video channels that would be required for the medical professional. To facilitate the required technology, he had to gain more knowledge and use new Software Engineering tools like Node.js, JavaScript and WebSocket. After developing the software, Marcus and his team successfully tested the joystick to determine that no mistakes were made. “It was a very complex project, and due to this, it was amazing to work on,” he said.

Marcus’s experience as a student Software Engineer with WIMTACH proved invaluable in his pursuit of becoming a Full Stack Developer. While working on challenging projects with the support of his mentors, he gained essential skills and knowledge that helped him grow his problem-solving abilities and become a more versatile team member. “WIMTACH provided me with everything I needed to succeed,” he said. By gaining a wider range of general skills, he was not only able to enhance his knowledge, but also assist his teammates when they encountered issues. He played a key role in interpreting the project requirements and helping his team understand their tasks. As a result, the team was able to complete their projects successfully and deliver high-quality results. Marcus’s experience with WIMTACH allowed him to develop a deep understanding of Software Engineering and its applications, providing a solid foundation for his future career.

Over the course of his internship, Marcus was assigned to work on challenging tasks and observe his mentor’s work, enabling him to acquire new skills. “Our Principal Investigator paid thorough attention to the scope of the project, and now I understand how important it is to know exactly what you are supposed to do,” he said. Additionally, working on a major project gave Marcus the opportunity to acquire experience with project management tools like Jira and work under the Agile Methodology. To further his development as a student Full Stack Developer, Marcus also learned to use new software such as React.js, Azure, TypeScript, SQL, and MongoDB. “I have come to WIMTACH with strong communication and problem-solving skills from my previous work experience, but now I know how to use them for Software Engineering,” he added.

Marcus is grateful for the opportunity to continue working with WIMTACH as he pursues as he strives to become a professional Software Engineer. “I cannot understate how much WIMTACH has offered me in terms of my growth as a specialist,” he said.

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