WIMTACH Student Profile: Philippe Andrei Layos

Philippe Andrei Layos always saw himself working alongside a capable team towards a common goal. As a result, he felt that the Project Management Post Graduate Certificate Program in The Business School at Centennial College was the perfect fit for him. Ultimately, this drive and passion for collaborative working environments, was instrumental in his success during his time at WIMTACH.

He initially learned about a project management internship position at WIMTACH from a Centennial College career advisor, and he found that working at WIMTACH was helpful in preparing him for his career. “The skills that I developed include but are not limited to organizational skills, professional office etiquette, and problem-solving skills,” he said.

During a 7-month internship at WIMTACH, his involvement with a variety of projects enabled him to harness transferrable expertise that he still uses today towards his new position as a Service Coordinator at Audi Downtown Toronto. Some projects required different levels of technical skills which enabled him to be flexible for different work settings and circumstances. “I loved the diversity of projects that WIMTACH takes on. It exposed me to individuals with such diverse skills and knowledge,” he said. “It helped me to discover myself and my own interests for my own career and future endeavors. I respect and admire the work of every WIMTACH employee.”

One of his most memorable experiences during his tenure at WIMTACH, was his involvement with Hackathons. He felt proud to be able to help organize each event and they grew to be something that he looked forward to. “It showcased the talent, skills, and potential of Centennial College students,” he said. “It also gave them a wonderful opportunity that would kickstart their careers with wonderful experience records within WIMTACH. It was always an honour to both organize and witness the Hackathons.”

While helping to manage the development of a variety of projects including collaborations with Petnerup, Treasured Inc., and a Hackathon with The Toronto Zoo, he felt that he enhanced his time management skills greatly. “The transition into my new position felt seamless given that I already had traits that being a PM Intern (Project Management Intern) at WIMTACH helped bring out in me,” he said.

“WIMTACH primed me into a capable individual that could succeed in any similar role,” he said, adding, “the work environment that I currently [work in] is fast-paced and demands individuals to adapt quickly to novel situations. WIMTACH’s diverse projects prepared me for those situations.”

Philippe explained that the nature of his project management internship at WIMTACH required him to be more resilient. “As a PM Intern, I needed to work both quickly and efficiently,” he said. “I can confidently say that these two attributes have developed greatly during my time at WIMTACH. I used these traits to really push myself to find my new job today.”

Now, in his new Service Coordinator role, he feels confident about his ability to do his job effectively and he is ready to become more familiarized with his new position. “I am absolutely ecstatic about my new job. I have always been an automotive enthusiast, I am so grateful to have a profession that combines both my passion and skills,” he said.

His advice to other students wishing to work at WIMTACH is to prepare for unexpected moments in the internship that enable students to challenge and push themselves. “Prepare yourself for the unexpected because that is where you will learn the most,” he said. “The projects I worked on were beyond my expectations.”

He also suggests that hopeful applicants for future WIMTACH positions should feel confident to ask questions when they need more information to create opportunities for greater learning. “Do not be afraid to ask questions. This shows that you care about your project and you can only benefit from learning more,” he said. He also added, “take the time to learn and look into new areas. The projects within WIMTACH are diverse so its great to have a good all-around knowledge of various things.”

Armed with professional working skills and work experience from WIMTACH, Philippe is excited about the paths available to him in the future. In 5 years, he hopes that he can get a promotion at Audi Downtown Toronto. “I would like to hopefully become a General Manager at an automotive dealership like the one I work at today. This role demands one to continuously apply skills like what I studied in my Project Management program,” he said.

For now, he is working diligently in his new role while also finding time to enjoy baking, cooking, readings on the automotive industry, as well as the time to play with his dog. “It is the simple things in life that I truly enjoy,” he said.

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