WIMTACH Student Profile: Sathish Ravichandran

The creation of applications takes time, as multiple aspects need to be focused on. This ranges from an idea, the features, the code, and many more. On the consumer side of an application, the most crucial aspect is the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The UI and UX are what grab a consumer when they first open the app, and it is what keeps them there. An application needs to be easy to utilize without a learning curve, and UI/UX designers put that process in motion when an app is being developed. Sathish Ravichandran is a UI/UX designer, who recently graduated from Centennial College and is currently working on a project with WIMTACH through the collaboration with Waveshare for a new application called WAVEZ. He was hired by Waveshare as part of their technical team. He also just accepted a position as a UX designer at a financial and accounting software suite organization. We spoke to him regarding his time with WIMTACH upon completion of his program.

Sathish completed the fast-track Software Engineering program at Centennial College, which he was drawn to due to his previous work experience in the IT industry. Through the program, he discovered WIMTACH and applied to work as a developer. Right away, he began working on the Globemed-EMR application, which is widely used by clinics and hospitals. “I got a lot of exposure and experience working on that project over the next 8 months,” Sathish shared. Afterwards, he worked in the SAVE application for Interdev, which dealt with disaster management with volunteers. Sathish said, “The client was integral to that project and it was a lot of fun to be a part of. We explored a lot of different areas in the application as I got to work with a lot of different people.” Currently, he is working on his third project at WIMTACH as a designer at Waveshare for an application that deals with watercraft. “It’s a massive application that I am currently working on, and I’m looking forward to seeing the final product. I plan on continuing my career in this area to gain more experience before applying for other great companies,” he shared.

Sathish goes on to speak about his favourite aspect of working on these previous projects at WIMTACH. “The exposure to entire applications was my favourite aspect. WIMTACH provided me with the opportunity to work in real life projects. You’re not limited to one specific task, which I really appreciated. I also loved being able to work on projects with some of my classmates from the engineering program as they worked at WIMTACH as well,” Sathish shared. Designing applications does come with a fair number of challenges. However, Sathish found these challenges to be a fun opportunity to learn. “The EMR application was the most challenging project for me due to the application’s age. It required a full redesign, so we had to work with the client and the app’s users to make sure it’s easy to use by all. The design has to have a low learning curve so that anyone could use it,” Sathish shared.  

WIMTACH also provided Sathish with time and experience to develop multiple skills. He stated, “I was able to work with different applications like ADOBE XD and Figma which are primarily used in the industry. You have to constantly learn new things as applications have to be kept up to date and the application industry is always changing.” Sathish also learned about the management side of application development and how to interact in a team, especially when it comes to rapid prototyping. He also stated that WIMTACH was very supportive and encouraging when learning new UI and UX skills. “They give us space to learn and always provide complete support in trying new things,” he stated. He says that WIMTACH has provided experience and exposure to prepare him for the job market to come.

Sathish learned more about himself as well at WIMTACH. While working on projects, he realized how much he loved the work he was doing. Sathish said, “The work that is required to complete these projects is performed at a fast pace, and if you don’t love what you do, you’re going to have a hard time. There has to be a passion present which I realized I do possess.” Sathish also provided tips for any new student looking to work at WIMTACH. “Be passionate about what you do and don’t hesitate to work above your limit as it helps you push forward in your skills and gain experience,” he said. He also shared to stay in tune with your hobbies, which he also does by creating pencil art and photography. 

Sathish is confident about his career path and where he would like to end up. “In five years, I see myself in a leading position at an organization for business strategies. I do plan to create and run my own design agency as well in the future,” he stated. We are excited to see what accomplishments Sathish Ravichandran continues to make.

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