WIMTACH Student Profile: Vinay Mattu

Year ago, when discussions about Artificial Intelligence were picking up, we heard that it would become the new frontier of technological development. Some people thought the concept was idealistic, but other’s like Vinay Mattu we proactive about shifting gears to make sure that they were prepared for the changing climate in Tech. WIMTACH was a way for Vinay to put his knowledge into practice to ensure that he was learning the necessary skills to succeed. “I think WIMTACH provides the right exposure which is a necessity for landing a job in the IT industry,” he said. “We get to know the different technologies … it’s very helpful to get a job after you graduate.”

Upon joining WIMTACH, Vinay was asked to assist the WIMTACH development team with Gravvity. He was also asked to be involved with the project development for Epipresto. “The experience was very good at WIMTACH,” he said. “[For the first project] all the technologies that I used were completely new, so I hadn’t had any experience on those technologies … I got to learn while doing all the implementation and that really helped me.” These technologies included Amazon Web Services Micro Services, Lambda functions, Amazon DynamoDB. Facing the tough challenge of a learning curve, he was able to learn these technologies in large part because of his supportive teammates who were always accessible whenever he needed help. “All the team members were very helpful,” he said. When ever I was stuck somewhere, someone was there to help me in that.

For the Epipresto project, Vinay was able to use JavaScript, spring board to enhance his usage of technologies that he was already familiar with. “WIMTACH provided me with the necessary practice,” he said. “It helped me when I was giving the interview, so that particular experience, working on these things, I was in practice and that helped me in landing a job.” Considered one of the most capable Student Back-end developers at WIMTACH, naturally, after Vinay Mattu completed his internship at WIMTACH, he immediately found employment at Citi Bank. Vinay is a recent graduate of the Software Engineering artificial intelligence program at Centennial College and while working at WIMTACH he was able to build upon his knowledge of programming to become a better and more efficient programmer.

Vinay was able to work with WIMTACH for one year while also studying for his diploma. In the end, he is now able to present a repository of his programming work, a fact, which has been crucial for him in securing the Citi Financial banking job. His internship experience has been very valuable for his growth as a developer and he readily willing to point to his teammates as a big part of that reason. “All the team members were very supportive,” he said. “If everyone gets stuck somewhere others can help each other so working as a team was a good experience for me.”

Unique to the internship experience at WIMTACH, Vinay was able to gain in-depth insight into the background features of a project development process. He was often able to interact with WIMTACH industry partners and observe the role of other team members such as Business Analysts, and how they were able to collect pertinent information for project deliverables.

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