Tags: ‘Software Engineering Artificial Intelligence’

WIMTACH Student Profile: Ildaphonse Cornolius

Ildaphonse Cornolius always aspired to help those in need by any means he could. When he joined the Software Engineering Technology program at Centennial College, his goal was to gain the skills and experience necessary to achieve real change through his software. As WIMTACH frequently works on projects that aim to assist and help different […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Jaeuk Kim

Throughout his time with WIMTACH, Jaeuk Kim has been a valued team member and an essential contributor to an industry partner’s project. He came to WIMTACH looking for a co-op placement, mandatory in his Software Engineering Artificial Intelligence program, without many expectations. Before long, Jaeuk began learning new skills every day, evolving his software engineering […] Read more