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Centennial professor brings her vision to life at WIMTACH

Centennial College professor of Business Development Nira Sharma noticed a recurring challenge in Toronto communities, especially her Nepalese community: there were many people with in-demand skill sets, businesses and services, but their fellow community members were unaware. As a result, people were searching for services and expertise outside of their community that were, unbeknownst to […] Read more


WIMTACH gives Mama’s Life Products a boost with software development expertise

As a Technology Access Centre, WIMTACH is committed to providing opportunities for students and faculty to grow their networks and gain experiential learning by working on applied research projects in the digital health sector. And to strengthen those experiential learning opportunities, WIMTACH partners with SMEs that demonstrate a capacity to innovate as well as an […] Read more


WIMTACH facilitates new business growth for Winters Instruments with mobile app development

For every company, it’s important to encourage innovation because it supports the alignment between services and changing industry advancements and standards. This keeps companies competitive. However, barriers exist to prevent businesses, especially SMEs, from growing, such as cost, time and lack of expertise. Larger businesses face a similar challenge, only their barriers function more as […] Read more


WIMTACH brings Treasured Inc.’s storytelling to life with artificial intelligence expertise

Now more than ever, people have the opportunity to discover their family history. Popular direct-to-consumer genetics testing is a booming industry that is boosted by television shows, commercials, films and archives. However, there exists a gap in this market: once this familial information is acquired, there are few options to digitally preserve or continue exploring […] Read more


WIMTACH empowers TNMG to build its future

For many small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), experiencing growth in products, sales, customers and/or brand loyalty can be exciting and challenging. On the one hand, growth creates opportunities and possibilities for partnerships, collaborations and innovation. On the other hand, growth can be challenging to maximize without the right resources. For Maryanne McMullen, it was the […] Read more

May, 13, 2020