The WIMTACH experience is Canadian experience

It’s no wonder that Centennial College students have the highest graduate satisfaction rate – research departments like Wearable, Interactive and Mobile Technology Access Centre in Health (WIMTACH) offer students industry experience that can lead them to the beginning of successful careers. All it takes is an opportunity.

Andrzej Popowski is a prime example. A newcomer student of the Health Informatics Technology, Popowski found WIMTACH last year while contemplating taking a co-op through his program. He was concerned about how his skills would be put to use.

“I saw that other students [who took co-op positions] were getting work unrelated to their skills.”

From December onwards, WIMTACH allowed Popowski to gain experience in cyber security and to practice his previous experience with C language and Linux. He worked with WIMTACH industry partner Cybersecurity Umbrella, which specializes in tailored cybersecurity solutions. Once he put WIMTACH on his resume, the interviews started to pour in.

“I got much more responses to my job applications once I put WIMTACH on my resume because it’s Canadian experience [I never had before].”

Within weeks of graduating, Andrzej got a job with Pereso Technologies, a company that produces electronic devices and offers software development. All it took was an opportunity.

“WIMTACH gave me work experience that I needed to get where I am today. The team I worked with on the projects were very responsible and very good.”

At Centennial College, WIMTACH has a proven track record for innovation and success with over 325 students looking to enhance their College learning experience and counting. The message is clear – if you work with WIMTACH, you have the chance to begin your own success story.

Aug, 21, 2019