WIMTACH Student Profile: Asylhan Ukenov

Asylhan Ukenov’s passion for programming started in an unexpected way. For several years he had been on a career path that was geared towards medicine, when he realized that becoming a medical professional was not what he wanted. So when a friend introduced programming to him and offered to teach him the basics, he explored […] Read more

WIMTACH’s Workshop Series: The Retail Analytics session assists participants in developing their python analysis skillset

The retail industry has emerged as the new dominant force in the world economy. In 2021, the retail industry generated over $674 billion in sales just in Canada (which will only increase in the coming years). However, as the retail industry expanded so quickly, it saturated the market, enabling only those technologically advanced to thrive. […] Read more

Dec, 07, 2022



WIMTACH’s Workshop Series: The Online Data Analysis using Python workshop provides industry professionals with tools to successfully program with Python

For many years, the concept of a “universal language” that can be spoken and understood worldwide was popular among sociology scientists. Interestingly enough, such a language already exists, and it’s called Python. Python is a programming language that is understood by over 4.3 million people worldwide. It is far from being the most popular language […] Read more

Nov, 16, 2022



WIMTACH Student Profile: Devansh Shah

Devansh Shah learned about WIMTACH in the early days of summer 2021 when he joined a WIMTACH Hackathon. He’d joined the competition with friends for a fun challenge, but through the process, learned about an opening for the role of Student Researcher for an upcoming collaboration that enabled students to develop their skills for real […] Read more

WIMTACH’s Workshop Series: The Online Data Analysis Using Python workshop helps industry professionals to learn Python easier

Python is one of the most popular programming languages used worldwide in multiple industries. Moreover, the popularity of Python allows for cross-platform usage making integration into new systems simpler. The open-source nature of Python allows for a low barrier of entry to the programming language. It enables flexibility and ease of change in the code […] Read more

Sep, 28, 2022



WIMTACH and Elementary Curriculum Digitizers Inc. have partnered to support English literacy for young readers

While reading can afford many people with an escapist experience and a channel to a new world, it can also be hard to learn. So, when Eileen White, CEO and founder of Elementary Curriculum Digitizers Inc. decided to create supports for developing literacy in English, she hoped to arm young students with tools to access […] Read more


WIMTACH’s Workshop Series: The Agile Methodology and Scrum Framework training session improves productivity and efficiency for industry professionals

Many Information Technology (IT) professionals employ the Agile Methodology approach in their day to day work. The Agile Manifesto, which forms the basis of the Agile Methodology, identifies four “core values” that guide the methodology. Prioritizing people and relationships over processes and tools, working software over detailed documentation, are only some of the main values […] Read more


WIMTACH’s Workshop Series: The Retail Analytics session proves to be useful in teaching industry professionals about data analysis

Competition for small and medium-sized retail businesses is steep. To be competitive, they must adapt to the customer’s growing and evolving needs. In order for any retail business to survive and grow, it is crucial to understand its customers, optimize marketing strategies, manage operations, and manage supply chain processes. Digital technologies and analytics are necessary […] Read more


The WIMTACH Research Team successfully developed a Custom Marketplace for Naborino Inc.

For many members of the WIMTACH research team developing a new project can often pose a fun challenge and a learning breakthrough. That’s why members of the WIMTACH development team jumped at the chance to contribute to an innovative project with Naborino Inc. This collaboration focused on the development of an analytics-based web application to […] Read more

WIMTACH and Navco Pharmaceuticals successfully develop an Invisible Glove

The effects of Covid-19 has touched everyone and created a new set of challenges for many people but it has also inspired innovation and technological advancement. The development of the Invisible Glove, a hand sanitization cream by Navco Pharmaceuticals, marked one instance of advancement. The Invisible Glove has been specifically engineered to be friendlier towards […] Read more