WIMTACH Student Profile: Terry Tan

Terry Tan’s internship journey at WIMTACH began with a stroke of luck. Previously a student in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) program at Centennial College, he learned about WIMTACH when a friend contacted him to help with a task. Before this moment, he didn’t have a clear plan for how he would gain professional industry experience […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Kareem Zahra

Kareem Zahra gained an opportunity to enhance his software developing skills during his internship at WIMTACH while facing the complicated nature of remote work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A student in the Software Engineering Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) program at Centennial College, Kareem was eager to acquire software engineering experience and put his medical […] Read more

Meet Student Researcher: Yashkumar Rathod

Throughout his internship with WIMTACH, Yashkumar Rathod established himself as an student engineer with extensive expertise in research and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Attending the Industrial Engineering program at Centennial College, his remarkable talent and proficiency in CAD caught the attention of his professor, who advised him to apply for a Student Researcher role […] Read more


WIMTACH supports Interaxon with E-textile expertise

Interaxon and WIMTACH have partnered in an applied research project to discover the best durable e-textile fabric suited for supporting the functionalities of Muse headbands. Muse is a brain-sensing headband that measures brain signals to provide immediate biofeedback for meditation and sleep monitoring. John Sheeran, the Vice President of Hardware at Interaxon, is very pleased […] Read more

Mar, 10, 2023



WIMTACH Student Profile: Aesha Ganatra

A student in the Software Engineering Technology program at Centennial College, Aesha Ganatra became a valuable member of the WIMTACH Student Researcher team when she started her work placement. As she slowly becomes a professional Software Developer with Android and Cloud development skills, she is certain that WIMTACH will be essential to her success. “Because […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: David Pietrocola

As his second year in the Centennial College Software Engineering Technology program began, David Pietrocola was eager to get professional work experience. He knew getting a Software Engineering position at this stage would be hard. So, when he applied and got a Student Researcher position at WIMTACH, he was excited for the chance to learn. […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Ildaphonse Cornolius

Ildaphonse Cornolius always aspired to help those in need by any means he could. When he joined the Software Engineering Technology program at Centennial College, his goal was to gain the skills and experience necessary to achieve real change through his software. As WIMTACH frequently works on projects that aim to assist and help different […] Read more

WIMTACH partners with Qube Medical Hub on an applied research project

Alarmed by the ongoing shortages of healthcare professionals and family physicians in Canada, Rizwan Shaik set out to use his medical educational background to be a part of the solution to this problem. As a result, in 2021, Rizwan teamed up with medical experts and business partners to launch Qube Medical Hub with a mission […] Read more

Feb, 17, 2023



WIMTACH Student Profile: Jaeuk Kim

Throughout his time with WIMTACH, Jaeuk Kim has been a valued team member and an essential contributor to an industry partner’s project. He came to WIMTACH looking for a co-op placement, mandatory in his Software Engineering Artificial Intelligence program, without many expectations. Before long, Jaeuk began learning new skills every day, evolving his software engineering […] Read more

Meet Student Researcher: Amal Surendran

Over the last few months, Amal Surendran has been working with WIMTACH in the FIBRE (Fabric-Based Research, Innovation and Technology Development for SMEs in Sports and Healthcare Industries) team, helping a team of researchers to develop the new generation of smart medical fiber, which aims to revolutionize medical care, conduct ongoing medical tests for athletes, […] Read more