WIMTACH Student Profile: Kareem Zahra

Kareem Zahra gained an opportunity to enhance his software developing skills during his internship at WIMTACH while facing the complicated nature of remote work due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A student in the Software Engineering Technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) program at Centennial College, Kareem was eager to acquire software engineering experience and put his medical background to use. His internship enabled him to acquire various new skills while leveraging his medical knowledge and experience. “At WIMTACH, I sought to gain experience working on projects with real clients in addition to my theoretical knowledge,” he said.

Upon joining WIMTACH, Kareem joined a team working on a health-related project for Scanbo Technologies. The project aimed to develop an AI prediction algorithm that utilized electrocardiography to predict a person’s vitals, specifically Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure. Kareem was assigned the role of a student Business Analyst, where he was responsible for scheduling and recording information from various meetings, monitoring the developer’s work, and providing valuable advice to his team using his medical background knowledge.

Among his most impactful responsibilities was taking briefing notes from meetings with details about the project’s status and the work from the team. These notes had to be presented to both the management and the industry partner and made simple to be easily understood by individuals without any background in Software Engineering. “After writing so many briefing notes, I believe I can explain Software Engineering to children, and they will understand,” he said. As the project continued, Kareem provided his input toward the research of the AI, which would later be used for the predictive model. Having gained AI experience through his education, he was able to provide essential insight while advising his team on health-related matters in the project.

During his internship, Kareem also had to complete college assignments, which allowed him to improve his time management abilities. “Working on a real project provides a certain level of pressure that forces you to become more responsible, punctual and organized,” he said. He always kept the project’s operations in mind, offering timely advice to his team members. His effective management skills helped him grow as a leader, preparing him for managerial roles after graduation. “I am a people person, I love working with everyone,” he said.

As Kareem’s graduation draws near, he is eager to embark on the next phase of his journey as a professional Software Engineer. “Thanks to WIMTACH, I am well-equipped with the necessary skills and experience to land a great job,” he said. His aim for the next five years is to secure a role as a Senior Software Developer specializing in AI for medical purposes. “I’m passionate about using my skills to make a difference, and the medical field provides the perfect opportunity to do so,” he said. “The experience that WIMTACH offers students is so impactful and helpful, there is no excuse to miss out on this opportunity.”

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