WIMTACH Student Profile: Nathalia Maia

Project Management plays a significant role in the management of any project’s life cycle and its successful completion. WIMTACH takes on many different projects with different collaborators in the technology and health sectors which require a knowledgeable and leadership-orientated Project Manager. Centennial College graduate Nathalia Maia is one of WIMTACH’s project management interns that kept these projects flowing efficiently towards success.

Nathalia studied in the Project Management program to see the other side of research projects she’s worked on in the past. Through the co-op term in her program, she applied to work at WIMTACH due to her interest in technology and health. “It was something new for my career pathway,” Nathalia shared. While at WIMTACH, she worked on various projects, ranging from social innovation, website development, and even financing. When asked about her favourite aspects of working on these projects, she stated, “the possibility of working with Project Managers, Principal Investigators and Students from different backgrounds and perspectives has always been enriching.”

Some projects provided a challenge for her, explicitly leading projects with external stakeholders as she fulfilled many expectations. These projects also further reinforced skills like people management, communication skills, and paying attention to detail. She also learned more about herself, specifically that she enjoys working in a dynamic environment.

Nathalia’s time at WIMTACH was very positive as she believes that it has prepared her for her future career. “The experience had a great impact on my career because there were a lot of new and different situations I got to be a part of. This helped me build and improve my hard and soft skills such as people management, dealing with difficult situations, time management and so on,” she stated.

It’s not all work for Nathalia, as she enjoys many other aspects of life. “I love spending time with my family, cycling and walking. Nowadays, I’m adventuring in the kitchen with my cooking which is a new and fun journey for me,” she shared when asked about her hobbies. There is a lot of success in balancing work and play as it provides immense happiness and structure. Nathalia’s next step in her career is to get her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, which she sees herself using as a Project Manager in the healthcare sector. She was asked if she had any advice for any student looking to work at WIMTACH in the future. She said, “you must be willing to learn and although you may be an experienced professional, we do not hold all knowledge related to the field. You can still experience new situations that will be helpful for your career.”

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