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McCray Optical Supply

Projects McCray Optical Supply has been a leader in the optical industry for thirty years, and it has since become Canada’s largest supplier of optical tools, accessories, laboratory supplies and consumer eyewear products. With McCray, WIMTACH completed three projects: Automate the process of analyzing lenses so that they can be organized and manufactured at a […] Read more

S2S Innovations Inc.

Project S2S Innovations Inc. develops products that make the bonding experience between mothers and newborns safer, easier and more beautiful. Their main, commercialized, consumer product is SleepBelt, a hands-free skin-to-skin support system and nap wrap that allows baby to sleep sound snug on mom or dad’s chest and prevents infant falls. WIMTACH developed a cloud-based […] Read more


Project Muttluks is a Canadian company that offers pet products, including their primary product: high quality boots for dogs. The purpose of the collaboration between Muttluks and WIMTACH was to develop a mobile application that is capable of taking pictures of pet paws and uses image processing technology to identify the size of the paw […] Read more