Tags: ‘mechanical design’

Srathum Solutions Inc.

Project Strathum Solutions is a company owned by Susan Hum that aims to minimize sports-related concussion risks, particularly among youth hockey players. This project was completed in two phases. In phase one, WIMTACH’s identified a reliable, electro-mechanical-triggering mechanism that would reduce the chance of receiving a concussion. Phase two included the development of a prospective […] Read more

exactMed Ltd.

Project To address hospital admission caused by lack of medical adherence to prescription medications, WIMTACH collaborated with exactMed Ltd. to design and develop a pill dispenser machine that could be programmed to dispense a single pill at predetermined times in accordance with a patient’s prescription. Funding Type NSERC-Engage Success/Deliverable Pill dispenser prototype with features that […] Read more


Project WIMTACH and GTAGPS collaborated to develop a prototype that aids individuals who endure either/both visual & hearing impairment when it comes to viewing television. GTAGPS, founded and launched in Toronto on October 2014, is only at the beginning stages of a successful endeavor. This company offers a variety of products and services in a […] Read more


Project iMerciv is a Toronto-based company that develops technology to decrease obstacles and increase solutions for people with mobility needs, especially those who are blind, deaf-blind and partially deaf. WIMTACH partnered with iMerciv to develop Mapinhood, a novel navigation product that creates optimal pedestrian routes for users. The objective was to create the most optimal […] Read more

McCray Optical Supply

Projects McCray Optical Supply has been a leader in the optical industry for thirty years, and it has since become Canada’s largest supplier of optical tools, accessories, laboratory supplies and consumer eyewear products. With McCray, WIMTACH completed three projects: Automate the process of analyzing lenses so that they can be organized and manufactured at a […] Read more

Elegant Global Consulting Inc.

Project Elegant Global Consulting Inc. is a company committed to helping businesses revolutionize their IT environment in a way that simplifies complex infrastructure. WIMTACH collaborated with the company to develop a system which can test patients, namely NFL football players, for signs of concussions. The system will deliver multiple tests, evaluate the player and alert […] Read more

NextGen Lab

Project NextGen Laboratories provides premium testing solutions to give patients personalized health profiles and services. WIMTACH and NextGen LAB collaborated in the design and development of a novel food allergen detector which receives and grinds a food sample and introduces an extraction solution to the grinded sample. Using an embedded lateral flow assay (LFA) strip, […] Read more

We Traq

Project WeTraq is a company that develops solutions for tracking loved ones with dementia and autism. WIMTACH in collaboration with WeTraq designed and developed a global tracking device that combines the power of Internet of Things (IoT), WiFi and GPS technology. With its unique set of features such as Global Coverage, Geo-fencing, Report Scheduling & […] Read more

Zippy Consulting

Project Zippy Serve Consulting provides consulting services to companies that want to conduct business in the Philippines. Zippy Consulting and WIMTACH developed an interactive exercise solution consisting of a wearable wrist-band that tracks user vitals and a feedback mechanism that provides users with real-time feedback. The solution learns and remembers user training patterns. With that, […] Read more