Tags: ‘software development’


Project Enhanced their web/mobile platform and added additional features to increase patient accessibility to their services Migrated FAHM’s current website from Amazon’s platform to Azure’s platform to better deploy their services Collaborated with FAHM and York University to improve their Mental Health Virtual Communities initiatives by implementing key elements that support the well-being of York […] Read more

Fortek Security

Project Fortek Security with a cloud-based, key-less entry system with an accompanying security management software and a mobile application. WIMTACH provided technical development and research management expertise to this project. Success/Deliverable Home security prototype Expertise Involved: Web and Mobile Application Software Development Cyber security Services Provided: Applied Research (commercialization and technology development) – Concept design, […] Read more


Project Shaftesbury is an award-winning digital media production company that develops content for television, film, digital and brands. However, since 2015, their virtual reality (VR) and technology divisions have been working in collaboration with leading healthcare institutions and researchers to explore and develop clinical applications for immersive media experiences. WIMTACH and Shaftesbury collaborated on two […] Read more


Project Triple Data is a company that helps other companies get their ideas to the appropriate markets by providing services from concept to launch date. With Triple Data, WIMTACH developed a digital portal to automate coupon clearing to better promote the ideas of Triple Data clients. WIMTACH also researched ways to streamline the coupon clearing […] Read more

RBRO Solutions

Project RBRO Solutions facilitates the integration of non-native product suites and applications for organizations so that they can get the greatest value from their work processes. In partnership with RBRO, WIMTACH completed two projects with RBRO: Developed write functionality for RBRO’s Conduit product. Conducted research to investigate different technologies that could intercept NTFS file requests […] Read more


Project Ideasfil, a company that specializes in wheelchair mount and assistive living devices to individuals, and WIMTACH improved the overall design and layout of the Ideasfil website and developed key functionalities that would better serve Ideasfil customers and ultimately enhance their user experience. Success/Deliverable High-functioning customer-focused website Expertise Involved: Web Application Software Development Content Managment […] Read more