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WIMTACH Student Profile: Ayesha Azim

Ayesha Azim is fascinated with software development, how websites are constructed, and especially, how Artificial Intelligence fits into all of this. That’s why she decided to apply for Centennial College’s Software Engineering Technology program, with a concentration on AI and Computer Software Engineering. When she learned about WIMTACH from a professor in one of her […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Tannus Esquerdo

“I feel more confident in my career at the moment because of the project I worked with at WIMTACH,” said Tannus Esquerdo, a recent alumnus from the WIMTACH student internship program. Reflecting on his internship at WIMTACH, Tannus noted that he gained what he set out to achieve from his internship: a strong sense of […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Dewalker Agarwal

The programming and development world, is now largely coveted by many new job seekers who have all been sold the idea of the alternative and flexible lifestyle that is available in the tech industry. Yet, the reality is, gaining employment in this competitive industry can be quite difficult and unnerving. Although learning programming and software […] Read more

Glitch Trax

Project GlitchTrax specializes in tracking glitches online.  WIMTACH determined the optimized methods for harvesting web data regarding defects and methods for interpretation of highly complex data regarding defects. Funding Type NSERC-Engage Success/Deliverable Best practices and methods for defects Expertise Involved: Artificial intelligence Software engineering Services Provided: Applied Research (commercialization and technology development) – Equipment rentals, […] Read more

Techno Canada

Project Techno Canada Centre of Excellence (Techno Canada) is a full-service IT training firm serving learners in business, accounting and information technology. WIMTACH collaborated with the company to develop a placement web-based referral system for university and college students called CollegeCornerStone (CCS) that taps into the hidden job market. Success/Deliverable CCS platform Expertise Involved: Web […] Read more

Srathum Solutions Inc.

Project Strathum Solutions is a company owned by Susan Hum that aims to minimize sports-related concussion risks, particularly among youth hockey players. This project was completed in two phases. In phase one, WIMTACH’s identified a reliable, electro-mechanical-triggering mechanism that would reduce the chance of receiving a concussion. Phase two included the development of a prospective […] Read more

Korah Limited

Project Korah and WIMTACH developed a training software for their platform customer care Robot (cc Robot), an automated customer service chatbot that provides quality service to its customers. The WIMTACH team tested the chatbot and used their findings to develop the training software for ccRobot. The training software takes new clients through a step-by-step process […] Read more

Elegant Global Consulting Inc.

Project Elegant Global Consulting Inc. is a company committed to helping businesses revolutionize their IT environment in a way that simplifies complex infrastructure. WIMTACH collaborated with the company to develop a system which can test patients, namely NFL football players, for signs of concussions. The system will deliver multiple tests, evaluate the player and alert […] Read more

RBRO Solutions

Project RBRO Solutions facilitates the integration of non-native product suites and applications for organizations so that they can get the greatest value from their work processes. In partnership with RBRO, WIMTACH completed two projects with RBRO: Developed write functionality for RBRO’s Conduit product. Conducted research to investigate different technologies that could intercept NTFS file requests […] Read more

NextGen Lab

Project NextGen Laboratories provides premium testing solutions to give patients personalized health profiles and services. WIMTACH and NextGen LAB collaborated in the design and development of a novel food allergen detector which receives and grinds a food sample and introduces an extraction solution to the grinded sample. Using an embedded lateral flow assay (LFA) strip, […] Read more