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Project Shaftesbury is an award-winning digital media production company that develops content for television, film, digital and brands. However, since 2015, their virtual reality (VR) and technology divisions have been working in collaboration with leading healthcare institutions and researchers to explore and develop clinical applications for immersive media experiences. WIMTACH and Shaftesbury collaborated on two […] Read more


Project Triple Data is a company that helps other companies get their ideas to the appropriate markets by providing services from concept to launch date. With Triple Data, WIMTACH developed a digital portal to automate coupon clearing to better promote the ideas of Triple Data clients. WIMTACH also researched ways to streamline the coupon clearing […] Read more

We Traq

Project WeTraq is a company that develops solutions for tracking loved ones with dementia and autism. WIMTACH in collaboration with WeTraq designed and developed a global tracking device that combines the power of Internet of Things (IoT), WiFi and GPS technology. With its unique set of features such as Global Coverage, Geo-fencing, Report Scheduling & […] Read more