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WIMTACH Student Profile: Subarna Bijaya Khadka

A recent graduate of the Software Engineering program at Centennial College, Subarna Bijaya Khadka fondly remembers his internship opportunity at WIMTACH and how the combined education from Centennial College and WIMTACH, was game changing for his development. “[From WIMTACH], I learned how teams work in the real industry, for hard skills we have assignments and […] Read more

WIMTACH and Xello: A Successful Collaboration

Driven by the motivation to help students with choosing a career path, Xello Inc., formerly Career Cruising, developed an architecture for greater learning and self-discovery to make job searching and passion-driven occupations accessible. In early 2020, Xello required a major framework upgrade to continue to serve students so, their team approached WIMTACH about a collaboration […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Jarod Lavine

Jarod Lavine decided to apply for a Student Researcher position at WIMTACH in 2020 and he assisted the research team as a Front-End developer. The first project he contributed towards was for an EMR company as part of a team that was updating a website to a new framework. Some of the other Student Researchers […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Asad Mahmood

In 2018, after many years of working in Construction, Asad Mahmood decided to take a big leap and enroll in the Software Engineering Technology program at Centennial College. “I liked the idea of being able to build everything from scratch and on your own,” he said. Shortly after enrolling at Centennial College, he applied for […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Michael Asemota

While still a student in the Software Technology program at Centennial College, Michael Asemota decided to apply for a Student Researcher position at WIMTACH after learning about the great opportunities to improve software development skills. “I always wanted to join WIMTACH so I was glad that I got the opportunity to,” he said. Since joining […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Tanvi Gupta

Tanvi Gupta had a goal of becoming a mature Software Developer so she joined the Software Engineering Technology program at Centennial College. To further enhance her learning, she also applied for a Student Researcher position at WIMTACH.  She was selected to work on an Electronic Medical Record development project with an EMR company at WIMTACH […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Leo Sikat

Coming from a background in Information Technology (IT) and Human Resources from the Philippines, Leo Sikat saw project management as an interesting challenge and a new career path that would complement his education in Computer Science. As a result, while working as a Human Resources professional in his home country, he decided to transition towards […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Thi Thu Ha Nguyen

When Thi Thu Ha Nguyen was a high school student she slowly began learning about the development world and programming. Driven by this curiosity, in 2018, she decided to seek further education by enrolling in Centennial College’s Software Engineering program which has a co-op requirement for students. “I wanted to try something new and I […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Dinesh Matai

When Dinesh Matai decided to join WIMTACH last February, he didn’t realize that he would gain a lot of hands-on experience. “I’ve seen the whole life cycle of a project,” he said.  “I’ve been through various phases which helps me to understand the big picture. So, it’s pretty cool.” Last year while studying as a […] Read more

WIMTACH Student Profile: Philippe Andrei Layos

Philippe Andrei Layos always saw himself working alongside a capable team towards a common goal. As a result, he felt that the Project Management Post Graduate Certificate Program in The Business School at Centennial College was the perfect fit for him. Ultimately, this drive and passion for collaborative working environments, was instrumental in his success during […] Read more