Kareem Zahra

Student Researcher
Kareem is a Student Researcher at WIMTACH and a student in the Software Engineering Technology Artificial Intelligence program at Centennial College. At WIMTACH he assists the research team with tracking project deliverables and milestones, coordinating Scrum activities such as Sprint planning, daily Stand-Ups, and Sprint Review Retrospectives. Moreover, he assists the WIMTACH research team with specifying project objectives, user stories, and the scope of project collaborations. Through Centennial College and WIMTACH, he has been able to learn about the software development life cycle, Python, Machine Learning and Software Project Management. Significantly, his Student Researcher position has improved his problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, his ability to communicate effectively and his attention to detail. In his free time, he enjoys walking, hiking, swimming, cooking and reading.


  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • User Stories
  • Software Project Management