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#WIMTACHatHome: Akshay Kumar

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, WIMTACH has continued its efforts to support its Student Researchers to gain experiential learning, job opportunities, employable skills and industry knowledge of digital health sectors. This series will highlight how students and faculty who work with WIMTACH are managing the ongoing changes to their daily lives. Teamwork is the cornerstone of […] Read more


Project iMerciv is a Toronto-based company that develops technology to decrease obstacles and increase solutions for people with mobility needs, especially those who are blind, deaf-blind and partially deaf. WIMTACH partnered with iMerciv to develop Mapinhood, a novel navigation product that creates optimal pedestrian routes for users. The objective was to create the most optimal […] Read more

WIMTACH industry partner iMerciv hires two Centennial College students

Centennial College’s WIMTACH provides students with the opportunity to build a professional network as they continue or begin their careers. WIMTACH applied research projects place students in the spotlight to be seen for their skills, knowledge and expertise by WIMTACH industry partners that are looking to further their projects towards commercialization. iMerciv, a Canadian company […] Read more