Mahdi Nekahi

Principal Investigator
Mahdi Nekahi is an R&D Engineer with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. His communication, presentation, and leadership skills shine through international conference presentations, mentoring undergraduates, and publishing in prestigious journals. With a multidisciplinary background, including a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Automotive Engineering and Applied Design, Mahdi possesses extensive knowledge in CAD and numerical modeling. His ability to design and conduct scientific experiments, combined with valuable experience in the Medical Device and Automotive Industries, makes him a professional Engineer. Mahdi is responsible for driving innovation in mechanical design, leading research design efforts, efficiently managing projects, and exploring opportunities for technology transfer to practical applications and industry collaborations. In his spare time, Mahdi enjoys traveling to new destinations and indulging in his love for cinema by watching movies from various genres.


  • Research & Development
  • Mechanical Design
  • CAD and Numerical Modeling
  • Prototype Development
  • Engineering Support