Travis Keeler

Student Researcher
Travis is a Student Researcher at WIMTACH and a student in the Electronics Engineering Technology program at Centennial College. At WIMTACH he assists the research team with creating electrical schematic diagrams, printed circuit board layouts, and the bill of materials. As well, he participates in project meetings and offers feedback on how to integrate mechanical ideas. WIMTACH has afforded him the opportunity to use Ohms law, the chance to enhance his knowledge of general electronic components and micro-controller datasheets to make design decisions. He has also been enabled to use CAD systems like Ki-Cad to create PCB designs and learn about the PCB production process from start to finish. Additionally, his role as a Student Researcher gives him the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded teammates and take part in critical meetings with industry partners. In his free time, he enjoys practicing game design, rock climbing, boxing and Muay Thai.


  • Technical writing
  • Languages such as C and Python
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Logic Design
  • Micro soldering